Presidential News Juni 2017

Mit einem sommerlichen Grusswort gelange ich im Anschluss an den gemeinsam mit den Neuroradiologen erfolgreich durchgeführten Jahreskongress gerne mit einer Zusammenfassung der Geschäftssitzung vom 08. Juni 2017 an Sie/euch.



Presidential News Januar 2017

Gerne möchte ich Euch alles Gute für das eben begonnene Jahr wünschen. Möge es von Gesundheit, beruflicher wie auch privater Zufriedenheit gezeichnet sein.

In diesem Jahr werden uns folgende Themen schwerpunktmässig beschäftigen:



Presidential News Oktober 2016

Gerne informiere ich Sie über die Geschäftssitzung der SGNC vom 29.09.2016 anlässlich unserer Jahrestagung am SFCNS-Kongress in Basel.

Verdankenswerterweise hat Prof. Dr. K. Schaller - nun Past-Präsident der SGNC - uns durch die schwierigen Gespräche innerhalb der Vorstände der SGNC und SFCNS geführt. Regelmässig wurden die Mitglieder über die Kritikpunkte der SGNC an der SFCNS respektive über die vorgebrachten Argumente des Austritts der SGNC aus der SFCNS informiert. Zusammenfassend hat der SFCNS-Vorstand unserer Fachgesellschaft nach unserem angedrohten Austritt grosse Zugeständnisse gemacht und gleichzeitig auch neue Inhalte und Zielsetzungen (Common-Trunk, Neurointensiv, gemeinsames Journal, YOUNG-Neuroscientists und Summer School) erarbeitet.



Presidential News August 2016

This is my last message as the president of the society, because, as of the SFCNS-congress in Basel in September, the present president elect, Oliver Hausmann will take over.It has been a delightful experience for me to serve as a president of the society, but of course, the SSNS is like a living organism. As such it depends on continuing renewal, and it’s time for me to step back and to express my gratitude to the members of the SSNS, its hard-working “Vorstand” and the Team of the IMK-office.My final, and probably the most important task, is to prepare for the next general assembly, which will take place on the 29th of September 2016 at 6:00 p.m. in the Congress Center in Basel.



Presidential News August 2015

an interesting and sometimes equally unsettling year has passed since the last message. Soon we will reunite again - on the occasion of the 60th annual meeting of the SSNS, this year in Luzern, and together with our neuroradiological colleagues of the SSNR. The format will be transitional: it is our mid-term ambition to create more room for oral presentations of young neurosurgeons (i.e. those in training and junior faculty) instead of having extensive poster sessions and numerous exhaustive plenary lectures. I consider this important, because it is the future generation which should be encouraged to present up-to-date research in a competitive yet benevolent atmosphere. Because such a format change cannot be attained in a single step the scientific and organizational committee will thus gradually enlarge the presentation format for the young generation. Furthermore, we will try to combine various meetings in the future, e.g. our annual meeting together with Neurospine, or with a hands-on course on a particular topic, or with a SYNS activity - so as to avoid double and triple obligations for faculty and attendees. During the congress in Luzern Prof. Mahmut Gazi Yasargil will receive his honorary membership in the SSNS. He has pioneered microneurosurgery worldwide, and we are proud to have him becoming our first honorary member.



Presidential News August 2014

Dear colleagues and visitors of our website,

Swiss neurosurgeons have contributed to  modern neurosurgery and triggered important neurosurgical innovations.

Despite that, the capability and the competence of Swiss neurosurgery as a whole has been questioned by a variety of interest groups, and furthermore, the so-called HSM commission has been installed in order to regroup neurosurgical competences and to possibly reallocate resources.