Swiss Korean Spine Exchange Program


The Swiss Society of Neurosurgery is proud to announce it’s new fellowship exchange
program in collaboration with the Neurosurgical Spine Society of South Korea. A travel
grant is generously sponsored by Medtronic for the Swiss participants.
The purpose of the program is to improve the quality of education in spine surgery.
Therefore, each year two neurosurgical senior residents will be hosted by a dedicated
spine centre in South Korea. Vice-versa, the Neurosurgical Spine Society of South Korea
will send two residents to Switzerland.
South Korea is known for its very highly developed medical system, combined with
high-tech products and a careful teaching system. The fellowship of 4 to 6 weeks’ duration
will allow the participants to be involved in surgical activities, to learn new approaches to
spine diseases, learn new surgical techniques, and last but not least establish relationships
with a new country. South Korea offers a unique culture characterized by an astonishing,
ancient history and modern lifestyle.
Medtronic will sponsor a travel grant of CHF 5’000.- for two neurosurgical residents in
2019. In exchange, the candidate will be at disposal for a lecture organised by the sponsoring
company. Applicants should have a commitment to the neurosurgical aspects of
spine surgery in Switzerland. A minimum of 4 years training in neurosurgery is required.
Participants of the sponsored fellowship will present their experience at the upcoming
annual meeting of our Swiss Society of Neurosurgery.

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